Customer philosophy

Our company's customer philosophy is to create value for customers with excellent products and services.
Management belief

Our company's management belief is to create value and pursue the management concept of autonomy and self driving
Design prospects

Appearance design is the expression of intention, style and wisdom of customers and designers on drawings.
Core values

Our company's values are to create life for employees and create value for customers
Clothing design include following
Our Services
Appearance design is the expression of the intention, concept, style and wisdom of customers and designers on the drawings, and the appearance construction is to show all these on the spot, which is a very important link in the construction process of appearance engineering.
Overall Design
It's not like the name. It's not a park. Even the city map of apeldoren (Netherlands) does not mark this space as a park. Obviously, it is not regarded as a park either
Urban Design
The creative corridor transformed a four block main street in an endangered historic city center by bringing together culture and art, rather than its traditional retail stores. The goal of creative block is to work with art oriented.
Creative Market
The space for creativity is the place for innovation, entrepreneurship and business, and the stage for creativity to turn into achievements. Works let creative people gather together, do design, sell original, turn ideas into commodities, and make works more valuable.
1. Confirm that the physical properties of flour and lining meet its inspection standards;
4. Process design (also called parking space, sewing process of a finished product).
2. Creative design (style drawing, including the expression of style, fabric, color, etc.);
3. Structural design (also known as plate making, plate type treatment or printing, the specific size of each part);
Filling and sealing

Our excellent service, let you rest assured and satisfied.

Plate making

First use the fan to suck down into the down storage box, so that the indoor environment is sanitary, no longer flying down, to ensure that the production site environment is clean, clean, and also save raw materials.

Using high sensitivity sensor to quantify automatically.

Use high-pressure air pump to blow down, and adopt silencing design and air guide hole design at the outlet to reduce noise and not crack the cut pieces.

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